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Do you have questions on your credit? Would you like to know if you pass credit before buying a car or truck? Have you been pressured by other dealers to buy a vehicle you don't really want? Landry Automobiles is willing to help answer your questions and find solutions to get you into a vehicle that fits your budget and needs. Landry Auto has been a Chrysler dealer since 1949 and we've always had a great reputation of working for our clients, with our clients. We can find a loan for you with 1st, 2nd or 3rd chance vehicle financing.

At Landry Auto, we are a franchised Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram dealer in Ste-Rose, Laval. We serve clients in the Greater Montreal area, the North Shore, and the entire Quebec province. We finance both new and used cars and trucks. We have sold to all types of special finance clients and we are a firm believer that every financial request is unique and is treated case by case. We also know there are many dealers promising many things to many people. We will not promise a vehicle delivery. We will however promise that we will work in your interest, explain to you what your credit situation is and how we can deliver a vehicle for you. We are a dealer that wants its clients to be satisfied. If you are a person who does not want to hear the truth and be promised immediate delivery, we are not the store for you. Landry Auto will not lose its reputation by advertising false claims. If however you want to be treated like a person instead of a number and want to be treated honestly and respectfully, call us when you are ready.

We can help you finance a Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram, Mitubishi, Honda, Toyota, Kia, Hyundai, Nissan, Acura, Subaru, Chevrolet, Pontiac, GMC, Ford, Mazda and most other brands. But first you need to contact us.

The statistics:

  • We deliver a vehicle to 65% of the clients who we get a credit demand from.
  • 85% of those clients buy a second vehicle from us.
  • With every client that takes the step, we teach them how get a better credit score on their next application.
  • Better credit scores allow clients to get prime interest rates or a much lower subprime rate.

Contact Francis Drouin who is our credit expert at 1(866)414-5920 for all your questions or via e-mail at: