Landry Auto : 2nd Chance Credit Specialist

        You are in the greater Montreal area and shopping for a used vehicle, but you are worried whether or not you'd qualify for a car loan? You tried to get a car loan from traditional lenders in the past but were refused? You feel discouraged about your chances on getting guaranteed car finance deals that will allow you to move foward to rebuild your credit?     At Landry Automobiles, our experienced financing team members are there to help you by discussing you opportunities and apply for a car loan for a used vehicle.If you feel your past credit history could be a problem in your search for a pre-owned vehicle, Landry Auto is the place for you. We specialize in helping customers who had financial problems in the past and are looking at 2nd - or even 3rd - chance credit loan at the lowest rate possible. No matter your financial situation, at Landry Automobiles we have the best auto loan rates in the area.     You're too far to make it here or you have some questions before you make the trip? No problem! You can contact us by phone at 1 877 380-9988 or by text at 514 993-8252, or you can even fill out an online credit application. One of our car financing and alternative credit specialists will be happy to help you and answer all your questions.     No credit history? Landry Auto has a solution for you! Finding a co-signer is not always easy but with our "no credit history" program we have a financial partner who is not only ready to give you your first chance at credit, but will also report your loan to your credit history which will help you in establishing it for future considerations. Second and Third chance financing can help you rebuild your credit! Depending on your record, it could be done in as little as 24 months. In the long term, showing that you are able to honor your agreements will help you once again access prime rate loans again!