Our Environnemental Policy

Landry Automobiles realizes it is a car dealer and with the products it sells and services, automatically is both directly and indirectly responsible for adding pollution to the global environment. Mathieu Landry owner of Landry Automobiles Ltée came to the realization that the nature of the car dealer business should not reduce intentions of car dealers to attempt to reduce their impact on the environment. Because of this realization, since 2015 Landry Automobiles and its team has and continues to make considerable improvements on the importance to make changes and to put measures in place to minimize the environmental impact of the business.       

The priority for the business is now to put in place the best practices possible for the management of residual material, water and energy consumption, the sourcing of products and supplies and to make sure that its activities have the least repercussions on the environment.       

To do that, Landry Automobiles Ltée pledges to:       

  • Manage its activities in a responsible fashion and to conform to the environmental laws in effect in the country were its business is conducted.
  • Reduce its energy and water consumption with concrete actions and by changing its behaviors.
  • Train and heighten the awareness of its employees on the eco-friendly behaviors and to encourage them to participate in the actions already in place.
  • Put in place a policy for the management of residual material that follows the 3R-V: reduction, reuse, recycling and valorization.
  • Use suppliers that share its values and that offer ecological products.
  • Have periodical assessment to review its objectives and to make sure its practices and initiatives are compliant to its environmental guidelines.
  • Become an example for other car dealers when it comes to following the principles of sustainable growth like: maintain the environmental integrity, ensure social equity and aim for economic efficiency.
  • Promote responsible consumption for our clientele, especially when it comes to remote starters.
  • Reduce its greenhouse gas emission for gases like carbon dioxide and methane.
  • Eliminate the practice of idling vehicles in its parking spaces.

       Approved on June 26, 2015 by Mathieu Landry, vice-president and owner of Landry Automobiles Ltée.