Purchase & Leasing a Vehicle Remotely

Purchasing or leasing a vehicle remotely is easy at Landry Autombiles.
Evaluation of your exchange vehicle remotely
We can evaluate your vehicle remotely. For that we need :
- Vehicle description
  • Make and model
  • Year
  • Edition
  • Transmission
  • Mileage
  • Tires included : summer/winter?
  • Accident?
  • General condition
- Picture of the registration with the serial number and name that are readable.
- Pictures of the vehicle
  • Exterior : front, back, driver side, passenger side, tires, roof
  • Interior : front seats, back seats, steering wheel and dashboard
Choose your vehicle
We are happy to answer all your questions on the vehicles that interest you, we can do it by email or by phone, however you prefer.
You can see the vehicles we have in stock and those that are in transit or on order that will be arriving to our dealership shortly on our inventory and vehicle pages. You can also see real pictures of the vehicles taken right here.
At Landry Auto, our prices are clear and without surprises. The price that you see is the price you pay, just add the taxes.
Credit application
You can fill out a credit application HERE or your sales representative can send it to you by email. The application is done on a secured website and only our finance director has access to you information.
You are obligated to provide :
  • Pictures of 3 forms of identification that are readable (accepted : driver's license, health insurance card, passport, credit card).
  • A picture with you and one of yourID.
  • The number, expiration date and code on the back of your credit card to take a 500$ deposit. With the deposit, the vehicle will be reserved in your name and is refundable when you take possession of the vehicle.
Once you are approved, our financial director will get in touch with you to complete the papers and schedule delivery of the vehicle.
Taking possession
At the dealership :
If you take possession of the vehicle at the dealership, you will sign the contract with the financial diredtor. Then your sales representaive wil explain the vehicle to you. Everything is done so everyone is safe, there is no contact and every individual is far enough from everyone else. Wearing gloves and a mark are compulsory for everyone.
At home :
For this service, one of our employees will drive your new vehicle to your place.
Prices for this service :
  • Less than 5 km from dealership : free
  • 5.1 km to 15 km from dealeship : 40$
  • 15.1 km to 25 km from dealership : 60$
  • 25.5 km to 35 km from dealership : 80$
  • 35.1 km and more from dealership : to calculate case by case
Every person getting a vehicle is obligated to wear a mask and gloves, wether they are a mecanic, a sales representative or a washer. It's for everyone's health.