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Online credit application


Financing and leasing


  • Many creditors are available for financing : TD Financing Service, Scotiabank, Royal Bank of Canada, Bank of Montreal, National Bank and Desjardins Financing.
  • Once the credit application has been completed, it will be submitted to a creditor.
  • The waiting time for the creditor's response for financing can take between 24 and 48 hours (there may be some exceptions for those deadlines).
  • It happens sometimes that the bank asks for additional documents to make a decision, our commercial director will contact you in that case.
  • We also offer 2nd and 3rd chance credit.



  • There is a single creditor for the leasing of new Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram vehicles : SCI Lease Management.
  • For leasing on behalf of a company, the person responsible for singing the contract must personally endorse the loan, they become guarantor. It is a rule of SCI Lease Management.
  • The waiting period for receiving a final response from SCI Lease Management can be up to 10 business days.
  • When taking possession of the leased vehicle, you will be required to pay a security deposit, which is the equivalent of the monthly payment, unless you take the damage protection from SCI Lease Management.
  • If you want your contract to be made on behalf of your company, you must let us know from the start to avoid having to redo the process and cause delays.
  • Once the creditor's response has been received, if it's positive, our customer relations manager will contact you to let you know and if the vehicle is in stock, an appointment will be made to take possession of the vehicle. If the answer is negative, your sales representative will contact you to discuss your options.
  • In the event that your transaction must be canceled for one reason or another, it is important to notify us at least 24 hours in advance to get your deposit back, this period is necessary because we need to prepare our file accordingly in order to be able to do the refund. The refund must be made in person if the deposit was made by debit card, it can be done remotely if the deposit was made by credit card and if the deposit was paid in cash, a check will be issued to you for the refund.


Online credit application

  • Our online credit application is available here.
  • Once the online credit application has been email to you by your sales representative, you have 12 hours to complete it.
  • Sometimes the email can end up in your spam folder, so it's important to check if you think you haven't received the email.
  • The link included in the email will take you to a secure site to complete the credit application.
  • The request is then sent to our commercial director who is the only person who has access to it.
  • For the question concerning the time spent at you current address, you must enter the number of years and months. For example, you must enter 10 years and 2 months and not 120 months for the number of months in 10 years. This question is confusing for many people.
  • If you are retired, the form still asks you for the address of your place of work. In this case, just use your home address.



Taking possession of a vehicle

Once the vehicle is at the dealership
  • Our customer relations manager will contact you to make an appointment to take possession of your new vehicle. They will make sure to give you all the information you need to insure your vehicle : the full Vehicle identification Number (VIN) and the full address of the creditor.
  • It is important to note that due to the fact that we have to deliver the vehicles in a rather short deadline according to franchise regulations with Chrysler Canada, it could happen that accessories, like steps, or treatments, such as the coating for bed liners, can't be installed or done before taking possession. In that case, an appointment will be made to do or install what is missing and a courtesy vehicle can be lent to you.
  • One of our customer service agents will call you the day before you take possession to see what you have to have on hand.
  • Have the bank draft or certified check prepared in the name of Landry Automobiles Ltée if you are paying cash. You can also pay by debit card, if you have the necessary amount released beforehand.
  • Make sure to empty your vehicle of all your personal belongings beforehand. Often forgotten items are compact discs in the player and sunglasses and garage door openers hanging from the sun visor.
  • Put in the vehicle the accessories which were taken into account in the evaluation of the trade-in and that must be given with the vehicle, like winter tires for example. It is also important not to forget the wheel locks.
  • Make sure to bring all the keys for the vehicle.
Same day
  • Bring a specimen check for taking the payments from you account.
  • The vehicle is usually plated here, except in a few special cases, like if a client doesn't live in Quebec.
  • The amount for the plates is to be paid here.
  • You will receive the green registration paper in the mail at the address on file within approximately 10 business days of taking possession, before that, the contract act as proof.
  • The vehicle will be delivered to you with 15 liters of gas free of charge.


End of lease : what to do?



Rental return

  • Two or three months before the end of your lease, an agent from SCI Lease Management will contact you to make an appointment for the final inspection of the vehicle. You can also contact SCI Lease Management at 1 888-559-5022.
  • If your lease ends in less than a month and you haven't received a call from SCI Lease Management, you can make an appointment by email with our Sales Director, Nicolas De Turris, who will do the inspection of the vehicle and take care of the return.
  • To return the vehicle, please make sure that all the original accessories and options are with the vehicle (like mags, roof, etc.).
  • The original tires and wheels must be installed on the vehicle or at the very least in the vehicle for the return. If not, you would be charged for any missing items.
  • You must also make sure to bring all the keys for the vehicle and and original registrations.
  • The owner's manual must be in the vehicle.
  • If you gave a security deposit when signing the lease agreement, the deposit will be refunded to you by SCI Lease Management 21 days after the vehicle is return. Please note that the refund of the security deposit takes into account damages to the vehicle and excess mileage if applicable.
SCI lease buyback - originally leased from Landry Auto
  • Send an email to to get the paid-out of the vehicle. This amount is valid for 10 days.
  • In this email, include the name that appears on the contract and the complete Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).
  • If you finance the lease buyback : you must complete a credit application. You can do that remotely on our secure site by clicking here.
  • Once the credit application has been submitted and approved, an appointment must be taken to sign the new contract.
  • If you are paying cash : an appointment must be taken for the signing of the new contrat and a certified check or a bank draft for Landry Automobiles Ltée must be prepared. You can also pay by debit card, if you have the necessary amount released beforehand.
  • If you are requesting a release letter from SCI Lease Management, please allow 7 business days.


Lease transfer


  • The person that will do the transfer is Jamil Nassour our Commercial Director.
  • We offer this service only to our existing customers who have purchased from Landry Auto or are purchasing or leasing a new vehicle from us.
  • The price for a lease transfer is $1,500 plus tax.
  • If you are buying or leasing a vehicle, your credit application must be submitted and approved.
  • You have to make an appointment with our Commercial Director to do the lease transfer.
  • Both parties must be present at the appointment, the buyer and the person selling the vehicle.
  • It is important to bring all the keys as well as the original registrations of the vehicle.
  • The delays for a lease transfer can be up to 10 business days.


Creditors' addresses

Service de Financement TD Inc.
C.P. 4086, Succ. A
Toronto, ON, M5W 5K3
1 855-832-8861
C.P 1833, Station M
Calgary, AB, T2P 2L8
514-493-8600/Avantage concessionaire Scotia 1 877-298-3113
Royal Bank of Canada

C.P. 6001, Succ. Centre-Ville
Montréal, QC, H3C 3A9
1 888-529-6999
Bank of Montréal
3225, boul. St-Martin Ouest, Suite #301
Laval, QC, H7T 1S2
1 800-363-8006
National Bank
500, Place d'Armes, 16e étage
Montréal, QC, H2Y 2W3
1 877-290-1280
Desjardins Financing
400, boul. de Maisonneuve, 10e étage
Montréal, QC, H3A 1L4
1 877-871-0114
SCI Lease Management Corp
PO BOX 3107, Station Industrial Park
Markham, ON, L3R 6G4

1 888-559-5022