Our ecological efforts


EFFORT : Recycling of archives during renovations.
ACTION : Big renovations were done in the showroom that included a big cleanup of the paper files and archives. A good amount of the documents were outdated and they were recycled in a responsible and ecological manner.

IMPACT : RECYCLE : The paper was recycled in the appropriate manner.

EFFORT Implementation of the "pLAnet program".

ACTION : The "pLAnet program" was put in place to support organizations that make a tangible difference on the environment and that work on projects that are dear to us. Mathieu Landry, owner of Landry Auto, makes a commitment to give money for every vehicle sold to organizations like Oceana Canada and David Suzuki Foundation every year.
IMPACT : SENZIBILATION : Support organizations that have a positive impact on the environment and that help educate people on environmental questions.
EFFORT Composting food leftovers in a composter at the dealership.

ACTION : Food leftovers  are put in small bins in eating areas. The leftovers are then put in our big composter.
IMPACT : VALORIZATION : Avoid sending food leftovers to landfills.
EFFORT : Use of ink refills for pens.

ACTION : To reduce the quantity of pens that goes in the trash, we buy ink refills. That way we can reuse the outer case of the pen.

IMPACT : REDUCE + REUSE : Avoid the need to buy, use and throw away pens.

EFFORT : Gathering of writing tools to recycle them.
ACTION : A box is placed in a central area to gather writing tools (pens, marker pens, highlighters...) that don't work anymore, they are then taken to Staples that have a program to that end in collaboration with Terracycle. Also, for each item, 2 cents is given to a non-profit organization.
IMPACT : RECYCLE : Writing tools are recycled.
EFFORT : Use of a mini-fridge for the coffee cream and milk.
ACTION : A small refrigerator is placed near the coffee maker and the cream and milk are bought in bigger format.
IMPACT : REDUCE : Avoid the need to buy, use and throw away creamers.
EFFORT : Purchase of the sugar in a big format and use of a glass jar.
ACTION : The sugar for the coffee is bought in a big format rather than in packets. The sugar is then poured in a reused glass Mason jar with a pouring lid.
IMPACT : REDUCE + REUSE : Avoid the need to buy, use and throw away sugar packets.
EFFORT : Placement of recycling bins in all the offices, but putting garbage cans only in a few places.

ACTION : The number of garbage cans has been reduced and they are placed only in central areas to overcome the reflex to put everything in the garbage.
IMPACT : RECYCLE + SENSIBILIZATION : People have to ask themselves: is this product recyclable or not?
EFFORT : Creation of the "Environmental Manager" post.

ACTION : An employee is responsible for all the files regarding the environment, like the composting and the recycling of batteries and writing tools. This employee is also responsible for preparing the applications to get certifications like ICI on recyle! from Recyc-Québec and works on education their colleagues on environmental questions and on the actions to take.

IMPACT : SENSIBILIZATION : Sensibilization of employees and clients to environmental questions.

EFFORT : Filling the cleaning products in a bulk store.
ACTION : The cleaning products are bought and filled in a store that sells products in bulk and that has a selection of cleaning products that don't have an adverse effect on the environment and we reuse our containers at the same time.
IMPACT : REDUCE + REUSE : Reduce packaging, so the quantity of plastic used.
EFFORT : Purchase of products for the esthetics department in large containers.
ACTION : The products used to wash and maintain the vehicles are bought in large containers and are then poured into bottles and containers.
IMPACT : REDUCE : Reduce packaging, so the quantity of plastic used.
EFFORT : Gathering of batteries to recycle them in an ecological manner.
ACTION : Batteries are gathered and they are bought to a place where they have a program to dispose of the batteries in a manner that is safe for the environment.
IMPACT : RECYCLE : Batteries are recycled in a safe manner.
EFFORT : Reusable utensils and dishes are available.
ACTION : Washable and reusable utensils, plates, glasses and cups are available in the dining area and near the coffee maker.
IMPACT : REDUCE : Avoid the need to buy, use and throw away single use products.
EFFORT : Use of a charging battery pack to recharge batteries

ACTION : To recharge dead batteries of vehicles in the showroom and in different departments, we use a charging battery pack, allowing the batteries to charge without running the engine.
IMPACT : REDUCE : Avoid running the engines needlessly.
EFFORT : The cover sheets and the confirmation sheets are not printed.
ACTION : To send faxes, the cover sheet is not used. By default, the fax machine is programed not to print the confirmation sheet.
IMPACT : REDUCE : Avoid using paper when unnecessary.
EFFORT : Motion sensors for the lights are installed in the rooms that are not used often.
ACTION : We avoid leaving the lights on needlessly in unused rooms with motion sensors that turn the lights on as needed and that turn off the lights after a short period  of time if there is no movement.
IMPACT : REDUCE : Use less electricity.
EFFORT : Reuse of office supplies.

ACTION : The office supplies, like folders and envelopes, are gathered near the other office supplies to be reused.
IMPACT : REUSE : Avoid the need to buy new office supplies.
EFFORT : Reuse of paper that's printer only on one side.
ACTION : The paper printed only on one side is gathered and reused as scrap paper. It's also cut up to make small note pads.
IMPACT : REUSE : Allows to reuse paper.
EFFORT : Placement of boxes to gather returnable containers near central areas.
ACTION : Boxes to gather returnable containers are placed near the seating areas and in central areas like the showroom.
IMPACT : RECYCLE : The returnable containers are recycled properly.
EFFORT : Water fountains available in central locations.
ACTION : We have water fountains in central locations like the showroom. Even after big renovations in the showroom, it was important to reinstall the water fountain.
IMPACT : REDUCE : Avoid the need to buy, use and throw away plastic bottles.