About Landry Auto

At Landry Auto, everything we do is in the pursuit of simplifying the buying and service experience for all clients. We believe firmly that buying any product should always be done in an easy and simple fashion. Our goal is to make any buying experience one that is enjoyable, easy to understand, transparent and honest.

How do we attain this goal? First thing we do is hire people that believe the same thing we believe, and work in the same manner we work. The way in which we work is simple: we answer your questions to the best of our abilities and always provide you with the entire story. We find the right product for your needs and wants. We show the cost of the entire transaction, not just a portion of it. We let you decide when the best time is to buy.

What do we do? Well the simple answer is: we sell Chrysler products and service them. But that's not the entire story. What we do is sell Chrysler Dodge Jeep and Ram products in a way almost no other Chrysler dealer does, and that's in a very transparent atmosphere. There are no hidden fees, no tricks, no lies. We give you the price of the vehicle upfront, the payment, the interest and any other information you want or need before you buy it. We explain the vehicle fully both before and after the sale. Once the sale is completed we will still answer any questions you have, even years later. We have many vehicles in stock, however if we do not have it, we will go get it elsewhere for you if it exists.

If tomorrow we, at Landry Auto, decided to sell shoes, we would work with the same goal. We want happy clients and we want to attract clients that believe that buying any product should be simple.

For those who have never bought a vehicle before, one might think that it's pretty basic stuff written above. However the reality is, the selling of a vehicle has never been made more complicated by most dealers then it is in these times. Landry Auto does not agree with the dealers that try to complicate the selling of vehicles in an attempt to sell more vehicles or make more money per car sold. We simply want to make it easy and simple. We want to gain a client for life and the only way we believe we can achieve this is by offering everyone a pleasant experience.

Landry Automobiles has been in business selling Dodge, Jeep, Chrysler and Ram since 1949. The dealership has always been situated in Ste-Rose, Laval. We are a car dealer that is stable and consistent. We have grown our numbers through the years at a steady rate. Since 2019 we are the Chrysler Canada's biggest volume retailer in the province of Quebec. In 2021, we were even the third biggest Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram volume retailer for the entire country of Canada (out of 460 stores).
The company has always prided itself on being a pillar in its community, supporting local events, businesses and charities such as Ste-Rose arts events, soap box season, local fire fighter and police charities and much more. Also we contribute to our surroundings by hiring a workforce of over 50 local employees. Our sales volume is now over 1000 new retail vehicles and 250 used vehicles. Not to mention a full service, parts, and aesthetics department.

The dealership is now on it's third generation. It started with Donat Landry the founder, then Jules Landry the longest running owner, and now Mathieu Landry is continuing the family tradition.

We invite everyone and anyone to come have a visit or contact us and experience our friendly and family atmosphere. Landry Automobile's strength lies in its staff and its clients and we've never forgotten it. The key to our success is our reputation.
Don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions or comments, via phone, e-mail, through our facebook page or simply by stopping by to see us. And by the way, you can e-mail us 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and we answer even on closed office hours, including weekends!

Here is a picture showing the history of Landry Automobiles:

At Landry, come enjoy a pleasant, family-friendly and pressure-free shopping experience.