Leasing at Landry Auto

At Landry Automobiles, it is important for us to make the leasing process an easy one for you. We are the biggest leaser of Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram vehicles in Canada and the top overall Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram retailer in the province of Quebec. We offer the most competitive lease offers on many models in Québec, and here is our inventory as proof. Our prices are clear and easy to understand and they are without any surprises - you just need to add the taxes. The rebates we offer give you the possibility to find the model you need at a good price, and our lease prices are directly on the first picture of a vehicle in stock in yellow. The vehicle's information on our website is complete and the great quantity of images show the vehicle from every angle, inside and out including key features and options. The first image in the gallery of the vehicle shows the price and the term of the leasing for the current month, it is easy to see how much a lease will be with LandryAuto.com.  
The leasing of a vehicle is perfect for people that like to change their vehicles regularly. With short and medium length leasing terms, it is easy to give back the vehicle at the end of the lease - or buy - a brand new one. Leasing is also a way to see if the vehicle you chose is the one you need since after the lease, no matter the term, the client always has the possibility to purchase the leased vehicle. And with the residuals calculated at the beginning of the lease, the purchase price after the lease is never a surprise.   We also offer insurance for leasing that protects you from excessive wear.

For more information on our vehicles or on leasing, you can contact us by phone at 450 625-5000 or by email at Info@LandryAuto.com.