Partnership With NatureLab World

A Growing Forest
The world is ours, but what will happen tomorrow?
For every vehicle sold, Landry Automobiles is commited to plant a tree, for the sole purpose of reducing carbone emission in the atmosphere and to allow a clean tomorrow for future generations.
Since 2018, Landry Automobiles, in partnership with NatureLab.World, is commited to plant trees for every vehicle sold in order to offset part of the ecological footprint of each vehicle sold.
In 2018, it was 625 trees that were planted, that's the equivalent of 125 tons of CO2 sequestered in the atmosphere.


For 2019, we will do even more : it will be 2000 trees that will be planted! The objective of this project is to sequester about 400 tons of CO2 in the air, while also greening the metropolitain area of Montreal. In addition, this gesture compensates for the first 5000 kilometers of each of the vehicles sold this year.
The added value of carbon credits
To plant a tree... is an action for life.
NatureLab.World is developing reforestation and agroforestry projects to regenerate degraded lands and create natural filters to capture large-scale CO2 emissions.


Each of their projects aims to reduce the overall CO2 footprint caused by human activity, by planting hundreds of thousands of trees every year. In addition, their projects make it possible to generate benefits for environmental research centers, universities and local communities involved in development.


All those projects are validated by the protocols of international organizations, then verified by accredited third parties. NatureLab.World trees and carbon credits can be purchased by individuals and businesses to compensate for their personal footprint, but also to finance future projects and take concrete actions to combat global pollution.


For more infomation, please visit their website : NatureLab.World