Modification Jeep Ram Dodge Chrysler & others

This page is dedicated to people who want to modify, improve, tweak, change or add to their existing vehicle and make it one that is unique to the road. At Landry Auto our goal at every point of contact is to simplify the way in which a client deals with a car dealer by making it transparent, simple and easy.
Here at Landry Auto we not only customize Rams and Jeeps but all kinds of vehicles. You also get a wide selection of parts with the choice of Mopar or GR Suspension which includes Protect DIP paint as well as numerous parts suppliers such as AEV, Smittybilt, Teraflex and others.
The images below will demonstrate work that we, at Landry Auto Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, have either done ourselves, are able to do or have in stock right now. We tend to keep a minimum of 2 or 3 altered vehicles in stock to show clients different possibilities and suggestions. We deal with original parts but also with after market parts and we can complete a project with a combination of these products. We know what modifications will affect Chrysler's guarantee and Landry Auto's parts and service departments have a selected trained team to properly advice you on this question.


Some of the modification services (but not limited to this list) we offer are the following:

  • 3M Protection for exterior panels.
  • Custom or original stripes.
  • Modified hoods with either add on parts or entire hood changes.
  • Paint jobs of almost every selection.
  • Spray bed liners of different color choices for pick-up beds, other vehicles or even as paint.
  • Performance Tires.
  • Off Road Tires.
  • Performance wheel mags.
  • Heavy duty wheel mags.
  • Lift Kits.
  • Suspension changes.
  • DVD players.
  • Radio changes.
  • Exhaust modifications or changes.
  • Pick-up bed covers.
  • Wrangler roofs.
  • Tinted windows.
  • Bluetooth systems.
  • Mirror changes.
  • Nitro in tires.
  • Sherlock anti-theft.
  • Heated seats added.
  • Leather seats added.


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