Maintenance Chrysler Laval


Do you have questions on your Chrysler Dodge Jeep or Ram product? Feel free to contact our friendly service advisers at Landry Auto Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram in Ste-Rose, Laval.
Vehicles nowadays are so technical that it is normal to have questions such as:

  • Why is my check engine light on?
  • Can I drive my vehicle with the check engine light on?
  • What is covered under warranty and for how long?
  • Are my tires under warranty?
  • Are brakes under warranty?
  • I heard there was a recall on my vehicle, but Chrysler has not contacted me?
  • I bought a used Chrysler product how can I be certain my warranty will be respected?
  • How do I transfer my warranty?
  • Can I buy an extended warranty even after having bought my vehicle?
  • What is covered under an extended warranty?
  • What type of oil is needed in my vehicle?
  • At what interval should I change my oil in my vehicle?
  • If I modify my vehicle will the warranty be respected?
  • What type and/or size of winter tires can I put on my vehicle?