Chrysler 200 for Sale

The New 2015 Chrysler 200 has arrived! At Landry Automobiles we are so certain you'll love the drive of the new 200 that we really want you to test drive this terrific vehicle and to entice you, we want to give you a free car wash during the month of August. Plus a 500$ discount on the purchase of your next 2015 Chrysler 200.
At the top of this page you have three available choices: Inventory, Instant Quote or Road Test. If you choose Inventory you can gain access to our low priced inventory with prices that include not only Chrysler Canada rebates but additional Landry Automobiles rebates. If you choose Instant Quote you will get an immediate price to the model and engine of your choosing, the price again includes all Chrysler Canada discounts plus even more rebates from Landry Chrysler. If you choose Road Test, you can schedule a VIP rendez-vous which includes a free car wash coupon and for the month of July it will also give an additional rebate towards the new Chrysler 200.

Basically our goal at Landry Auto Chrysler in Laval is to simplify your buying process by shortening it and making the decision process easy and hassle free by giving you upfront information with everyday low prices. Give us a try, you'll be happy you did