New or used vehicles: 3 tips for eco-responsible purchasing

At a time when environmental issues are of global concern, the purchase of a new or used vehicle should not be taken lightly. As a consumer, you can make a difference. At Landry Automobiles Ltée, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram dealer in Montreal, Ville Saint-Laurent, Laval, Blainville, Pointe-Claire and St-Jérôme, we encourage eco-responsible purchasing. Here are 3 tips to help you choose the best vehicle for you... and for the planet!
1- Think before you buy
To buy a new or used vehicle that takes your needs and the environment into account, adopt an ecological approach. You'll make an informed decision if you start by asking yourself the right questions:
• How many kilometers do you ride per week? Do you generally drive in town or over long distances?
Think about your regular commute. If your trips are mainly urban, a sport utility vehicle (SUV) may not be necessary...
• Can you drive a manual transmission?
A five-speed manual vehicle can significantly reduce your fuel consumption. Less fuel, less pollution!
• Can you drive a car with a manual transmission?
Think about your regular commute. If you travel mainly in urban areas, a sport utility vehicle (SUV) is probably not necessary...
2- Choose a "green" dealer
Your choice of dealer can have a direct impact on the environment. Wondering how? You should know that some car dealerships go to great lengths to reduce their ecological footprint. When you buy a new or used vehicle from them, you're doing your bit for the planet.
At Landry Automobiles Ltée, the entire team is concerned about the environment. We have set up a environmental policy, and we make concrete ecological efforts that make a real difference. In addition, at the initiative of vice-president and owner Mathieu Landry, we have set up the pLanète Program: for every vehicle sold, Landry Automobiles Ltée donates $20 to an organization that helps preserve the environment.
3- Say no to overconsumption!
Whether you're buying a new or used vehicle, you can optimize your eco-responsible purchase by not over-consuming gasoline:
• Avoid using the remote starter;
• Never let the engine idle;
• Use public transport;
• Walk or cycle as often as possible;
• Car-share;
• Find out about other measures you can take to reduce your fuel consum
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