Your vehicle's maintenance schedule: what you need to know

Wondering how to keep your car in top condition for as long as possible? It's simple: by following the maintenance schedule! This habit is essential to ensure the reliability, operation and safety of your car. At Landry Automobiles Ltée, we offer you a list of maintenance services that apply to most vehicles.


Your tire pressure should be checked regularly, i.e. every month. Find the recommended pressure in your owner's manual, on the tire sidewall or at the bottom of the driver's door. If necessary, inflate the tires to the required size. Also, when changing tires in spring and autumn, check whether the wear indicators have been reached. If so, get new tires.


Here's what to check every 5,000 to 10,000 km (or every 6 months):
• Change engine oil and oil filter;
• Check brake discs and pads;
• Battery test;
• Tire rotation and wheel balancing;
• Inspect belts and hoses under hood;
• Testing lights and lighting.


Here are the tasks to be performed every 20,000 to 40,000 km (or every 2 years):
• Change air filter (cabin filter);
• Change fuel filter;
• Coolant purification;
• Automatic gearbox maintenance;
• Analysis of wheel geometry;
• Brake fluid filtration;
• Inspection of exhaust system;
• Timing belt monitoring;
• Check shock absorbers.


Here's what to look for every 50,000 to 70,000 km (or every 3 years):
• Change fuel filter;
• Change spark plugs;
• Replacing the accessory belt;
• Examination of the power steering system;
• Differential fluid maintenance.


Finally, here are the elements that need attention every 80,000 to 100,000 km (or every 4-5 years):
• Renewal of engine timing system;
• Installation of new shock absorbers;
• Replacing belts and hoses;
• Automatic transmission fluid and filter adjustment;
• Timing belt maintenance;
• Check cooling system and radiator.


Why do I need a maintenance log?
Supplied by the vehicle manufacturer, this booklet tells you what regular maintenance to carry out on your vehicle, according to mileage. It allows you to keep track of your inspections, oil changes, repairs and replacements. What's more, it's a very useful document when you resell your vehicle, as it shows the potential buyer that you've maintained it well.


Landry Automobiles Ltée, dealer Dodge, Jeep, Chrysler et Ram in Montreal, Ville St-Laurent, Laval, Blainville and Pointe-Claire, we recommend adherence to the maintenance schedule to avoid costly repairs. Visit appointment today with our experienced service team!