Jeep off-road driving guide

Is your Jeep as clean as a whistle? No traces of mud? No dust? Too bad! Remedy the situation now by taking to the trails, each more exciting than the last! Enjoy driving your Jeep off-road, practice rocky terrain maneuvers, overcome obstacles - in short, have fun! Landry Automobiles Ltée, dealer Jeep Wrangler and others Jeep vehicles in Montreal, Laval, Blainville and surrounding areas, shares his tips for driving your 4x4 like a pro!


Before you leave


Take a few minutes to inspect your Jeep vehicle before each trip. In particular, check the following items:


  • Condition and pressure of tires (including spare);
  • Fluid levels (windshield washer, engine oil, coolant, etc.);
  • The battery (it must be securely attached and not emit any vibrations).


And make sure you have this equipment:


  • A shovel in case you get stuck;
  • A traction aid system (Traction Aids);
  • Some useful tools in the event of mechanical breakdown;
  • A bottle of water and a first-aid kit.


Ideally, never go off alone. At the very least, bring your cell phone and tell someone where you're going.


On the trail

First, choose the driving mode that will engage your 4x4 system. Do this before you hit the trail - don't wait until you're stuck! Does your Jeep have a low-range 4x4 mode? Use this useful setting to climb a hill, cross an obstacle or drive on a slippery surface.


Remember the most important rule: drive slowly. No matter what the condition of the trail, get into the habit of observing the terrain as you go. What are the obstacles? Rocks? Sand? A steep slope? Beware of mud holes, which can be more or less deep. Also consider the width of the path: can two vehicles pass each other? Both hands on the wheel, thumbs up, don't rush anything. Handle the brake and gas pedal pedals smoothly and gently.


Professional tips


Here are a few tips to help you out... just in case!


  • Skidding: to regain control of your Jeep, use the countersteering technique, which involves turning your wheels in the opposite direction to where you were going.
  • Stuck in the mud: if you press on the gas pedal in an attempt to get out, you run the risk of sinking deeper. Instead of trying so hard, stop the vehicle, get out and check the extent of the damage. At worst, congratulate yourself on bringing your traction control system...
  • Uphill: accelerate at the bottom of the slope and release power as you climb. Engine stops? Back off, go back down and repeat the maneuver.
  • Grip: to optimize your grip on sand and rocks, slightly reduce tire air pressure.


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