5 Safety Features Your Car Should Have

Published on December 1st, 2020
Today, safety features in cars are ubiquitous in the industry's vocabulary. From TV ads to your dealer representative's speech - they're everywhere! And not for nothing. In fact, vehicle safety is one of the well-known appealing factors in today's automotive sales environment.


In this article, Landry outlines the five most relevant safety features to consider when making your next purchase.



The airbag has literally revolutionized the collective imagination about the automotive safety factor. It must be said that the publicity surrounding the release of this safety device is always astonishing! As a result, we all like to know that our vehicle is equipped with airbags, in case the worst happens - whether we're a family or a single person.


More about airbags


Upper Frontal Airbags: These airbags are designed to optimize the protection offered by standard airbags. They are known to significantly reduce injuries caused by the deployment of the bags. Over the years, they have also been proven to prevent child death in car accidents.


Side airbags: These airbags are designed to protect the upper body in side collisions. They are inserted in the seat backs or doors and are only found at the front of the vehicle (to prevent fatal injuries to children sitting in a seat).
Side Curtain Airbags


These safety inflatable devices are located on the sides of the passenger compartment. They provide head protection in side collisions by acting as a multi-directional rollover safety cushion, and promise passengers that they will not be thrown from the vehicle in an accident.


Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)

It is well known that the ABS braking system plays a key role in automotive safety. It is also known that a vehicle with an ABS braking system does not stop as quickly as one without it. So how is it so safe? Because experts have perfected this system over the past few years, so that it promises benefits that go beyond this factor.


For example, thanks to the intermittent brake pressure that this system deploys, it prevents wheel lock-up. As a result, it intervenes favourably during emergency braking maneuvers, or on slippery road surfaces - ABS allows the vehicle shorter braking distances and better control on ice.


Tire Pressure Monitoring System


Did you know that tires can lose up to 50% of their air pressure before they look "deflated"? And as we all know, low tire pressure can affect driver and passenger safety in more ways than one.


For example, a deflated tire exposes the tread to too much ground friction, which can quickly increase the risk of a tire blowout (a situation that everyone wants to avoid for our safety, but also for the safety of those who share our road).


Also, a tire that doesn't contain enough of the right amount of tread can greatly reduce its braking and traction force, stability and directional ability.


Here, it is interesting to know that a properly inflated tire saves you money. A properly inflated tire has a longer life. Also, tire pressure has been proven to be a factor in fuel efficiency. According to recent studies, more than 13.5 million liters of gasoline are wasted every day due to improperly inflated tires. Needless to say, this fuel economy plays a positive role in our carbon footprint.

Traction Control

On a vehicle, traction control allows the speed of the driving wheels to be modulated to prevent them from spinning in a vacuum (which causes them to lose a lot of grip and, logically, thwarts a car's safety functions).


Traction control has been the subject of several technological advances in recent years. Today, this technology is recognized for its effectiveness in preventing wheel slippage, which is one of the main causes of loss of steering wheel control.


Good Collision Test Results

Crash test results are considered excellent indicators of a vehicle's safety and safety features. Families in particular seem to be most interested in the ratings obtained from these tests. The majority of automotive sales professionals invite their customers to consider ratings of at least 4 stars.


Where can you find vehicles equipped with all these safety features in Laval?

At Landry Automobiles, we care about the safety of our customers. That's why our experts will guide you towards choices that suit the level of safety you're looking for in your next vehicle. They are there to clarify the features present on the models that interest you, in order to give you an overview of what's important to you.

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