Avantage Jeep Patriot / Jeep Compass

Why buy a Jeep Patriot or Jeep Compass?

    - The most gas efficient Sport Utility on the market (with optional 4x4).
    - They are the least expensive Sport Utility vehicles on the Canadian market.
    - North Edition models offer many standard amenities.
    - They offer a vast interior and much flexibility for passengers and their luggage.
    - A 5 Star safety rating with 5 air​​bags, ABS brakes and the ESP system.
    - Currently these models offer a special discount plus discounted interest rates.


Why purchase from Landry Automobiles?

    - Landry is offering over $500 more incentives than any other Jeep dealer.
    - The sales team Landry Auto is a professional team.
    - The team is very familiar with their products, and are accredited by Chrysler Canada.
    - With Landry Auto you have a large selection of inventory.
    - An approach without pressure, and with great respect for our customers.